During the last four years I have shot sporting clays I have had the pleasure to shoot with Vance Barnes many times. One of the reasons for moving from "E" class to Masters in 4 years is due to help from Vance. Vance has given me advice on trap targets and the mental aspects of the game when these were stopping my advance thru the classes. Thanks for the help Vance.
[Mike Ponder]

Vance has taught me to shoot with a plan rather than react in panic to a target. With humor and patience Vance has taught me different approaches to targets and removed much of the mystery surrounding hits and misses.
[Martha H.]

I was frustrated and not seeing progress in my shooting. Vance showed me different approaches to hitting targets. Vance’s coaching has been an inspiration to me and my shooting progress.

Vance is an excellent diagnostician who quickly identified several subtle problems with my set-up and gun mount.  He has outstanding instructional technique, making his suggestions clearly and concisely in a positive, supportive way.

[John P. Matthews]

2004 was a plateau year with little accomplishment so in 2005 I again went to Vance to redirect my mental game. On May 14th at 1 and 100 gun club against 535 competitors, I shot my first 100 straight on the sporting clays course. I highly recommend shooters of all ages take a lesson...or two.
[Jim Ponder]

Vance’s patience and humor combine with an open desire to see his student succeed. Vance has been able to make the lessons fun and productive.
[Kathryn S.]

I shot my first registered clay target in March 2007 at the Kids and Clays shoot in San Antonio. I was humbled in “D” class to say the least, so my dad contacted Vance Barnes and arranged for shooting lessons. Mr. Barnes started working with me from the ground up, from stance to gun mount, hold point to break point, (terms I never heard of). As I advanced so did his instruction and soon he was helping me with my mental game. In March 2008 for my one year shooting anniversary, I again entered the Kids and Clays shoot in San Antonio, only this time in the “Master” class and as a member of the 2008 “Junior All American Team”. 

[Nathan Weeks]

No matter how much I practiced, my shooting was, at best, average. I have been shooting sporting clays for a few years now and had reached a plateau. Vance has given me the tools to do the job and this renewed confidence has put the fun back in shooting. The game is so much fun when the clays break! 
[Jency D.]